More professionals are turning to self defense classes

In the wake of increasing incidents in the workplace or places of public gatherings, more young professionals are turning to self defense classes.

ABC interviewed Tzviel “BK” Blankchtein, owner of Masada Tactical who said they are definitely seeing an increase in clients seeking self defense training. “It’s unfortunate that we see on the news all the time that our world is not getting any safer,” Blankchtein said. “If anything, things are getting worse. As things are getting worse we need to give people the tools to defend themselves”

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Two wrongs make a….right?

In a Canada case, the judge ruled that a “kick on the butt” excused a punch on the mouth that resulted in $7,000 of dental work.

Regardless of the outcome, signs of potential problems are often overlooked or even ignored because managers either do not know how to deal with a conflict between co-workers or worst assume and hope that employees “know better.”

Hope is not a strategy. It’s always a good time to review your workplace violence policy and ensure managers are up to date on their training.

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Columbine: 15 Years Later

15 years later, Columbine survivors are finding purpose. According to an article published by USA Today, the school continues to shape the minds of kids even though none were there on that terrifying day. Columbine Principal, Frank DeAngelis discusses how he struggled with survivor’s guilt and how he has been able to help build his community back. “Unfortunately, there will be more school shootings, and I will be there to help,” said DeAngelis, “Maybe, just maybe, hearing my words might just prevent another one.”

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