Security Posture: When to Not Downgrade

Owners of the U.S. Bank Tower in Downtown Los Angeles announced yesterday that they will be opening some of the tower’s top floors to tourists by creating an observation deck, a restaurant, and meeting rooms. In 2002, the building that is currently the tallest skyscraper West of the Mississippi was discovered to have been on Al Qaeda’s target list for what would have been a second wave of attacks after September 11, yet the plans to undo some of the security initiatives that were put into place immediately following the attacks are inevitably going to downgrade the building’s security posture.

As we move farther away from 9/11, America’s state of mind has slowly started to revert back to the pre-9/11 mindset which is why our motto, “Security should be a Mindset, not a State of Mind” is key to the education we provide. Security measures that were meant to be permanent, especially in Critical Infrastructures, should never be downgraded because ‘enough time has passed’. It is important for business owners to be reminded that just because nothing has happened in our Homeland over the last 13 years does not mean that our adversaries have not tried or are not continuing to plan. Let us not underestimate the adversaries’ resiliency because to them, once a target, always a target.

L.A. Times Article



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